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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Sense Resumes

After a seven year onscreen absence, I have decided to resume the Sense blog. The reason is simple – somehow Donald Trump has become President elect of the United States.

When Barack Obama became President, I stopped this blog and explained my reason:
"Now that Barack Obama has taken over, I do not feel the need to follow his administration closely or to comment here on developments. President Obama is someone I believe and trust and I have confidence in his intelligence, judgment and demeanor. Any disagreements I may have with him are not likely to spur me to comment here, as I felt compelled to do by the continuing Bush/Cheney outrages. I have embarked on a much needed break from intensely following and commenting on political news."

As we embark on the Trump administration, I feel compelled to follow events and post my comments. I do not believe or trust Trump, nor do I have confidence in his intelligence, judgment and demeanor.

For the past seven years I have continued to follow political events and been particularly dismayed by the rise of the Tea Party and the commitment of Congressional Republicans to blocking everything President Obama tried to do for the American people. The Republican goal was to keep Obama from being re-elected, a goal they thankfully failed to achieve, as he became the first President since Eisenhower to be elected twice with a majority of the votes.

I use this blog as a place to be able to express my thoughts in writing, in part to reduce the burden on those who may be susceptible to having to hear them verbally. Referring back to my earlier postings gives the opportunity to see how they hold up over time. With admitted immodesty I am usually pleased with the validity of what I have posted in the past.

Over the past few years I have done a pro and con analysis of whether to resume Sense. One concern was a fear of being overwhelmed, agitated and obligated to write. So control, temperance and balance should be my guidelines on resumption. However, because of the dramatic nature of the election results, there could be a few quick postings soon.

The Sense blog is more like a personal journal than a forum, though there were some reader comments and dialogues the last time around. No effort is being made to encourage or discourage participation by others, though family members will probably be told it is back.

On a housekeeping note, after seven years some old picture links no longer work and the topical index link had to be updated. The index is to topics, not people names. If you can see a search box in the upper right of your browser when you read Sense, you can use it to search for names. I searched Hillary and got eleven postings, all discussing the 2008 primary race. For some reason the results are not in chronological order. You might also want to consider resizing the way Sense appears in your browser. Most browsers allow you to zoom the Sense page in and out by holding down the control button on your keyboard and pressing plus or minus on the keypad. Once you get a size you like, your browser should remember that each time you return.

My desire is that this blog, any readers, our country and the world do well in spite of the current trepidation of an impending Trump Presidency.


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