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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Rove Goes Roving

Karl Rove, known as “Bush’s Brain”, “The Architect” and my favorite, “Turd Blossom”, is going to be leaving the Bush Administration in the next couple weeks. The reasons for his exit have been the subject of much speculation, in which I now join.

Rove is one of those intelligent nerds from a semi-privileged background who follow an all-white life path, without any blue collar life experience, reacting against the politics of other white people who actually care about all people and want to see government work for everybody, not just for the white, privileged rich. The place of natural fit for these reactionaries is the right wing of the Republican party and the associated ultra-conservative think tanks. PBS did an excellent Frontline show, which is viewable on line, covering Rove’s background and history of activities.

Rove rose to prominence by developing his skill at campaign dirty tricks and at misdirecting attention from the true issues and keeping opponents from discussing them. After riding into the White House with George Bush, Rove became a major center of attention, in spite of his preference for secrecy. By the 2006 election, the majority of the public was on to Rove, and after Democrats took control of Congress, the investigatory heat was turned on high.

Rove is leaving because of the heat and because of his failure to deliver in 2006, but in spite of the fact no Republicans have embraced him since his exit announcement, he will remain active in politics. Obviously he will write one or more garbage books and he will deliver loads of hogwash speeches to organizations stupid enough to pay his fee. But his immediate mission will most likely be to lead a major attack on Hillary Clinton, especially once she becomes the Presidential nominee of the Democrats as Rove expects. Rove will be funded, not by the Republican nominee or even by the Republican party, but by soft reactionary front money, such as was used in the Swift Boat ads against Kerry. Putting one of his cronies in the US attorney chair in Little Rock was part of the Rove strategy against Hillary, to start investigative spectacles designed to discourage voters from electing another Clinton and putting America through another Starr like inquisition.

Though Rove is returning to private life, his activities, past and future, will actually become more public. As Democrats gain the White House and as those who embraced Rove are further removed from power, more people will talk about the Rove secrets, more evidence will be discovered about the travesties of Rove and the Bush administration, and more people who barely tolerated Rove will turn against him. Hopefully he will be hounded, harassed, investigated and embroiled in litigation for the rest of his life. He deserves nothing better.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your last paragraph is wishful thinking. If he becomes ineffectual, he will be forgotten. And soon.

I read somewhere that Rove's attack on Hillary is designed to draw Democratic support for her because she is the opponent the Republicans hope for. This convoluted analysis is consistent with Rove's dirty tricks you mentioned.

Basically, the Republicans welcome a Hillary nomination because she is easy to beat. I agree with this analysis even though I would welcome a Hillary presidency.

But let's be realistic. The only way the Democrats could do more damage to themselves by nominating Hillary for president is to nominate Kerry as her running mate.
John from Phoenix

9:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just had another thought. What if Bill Clinton were her running mate? I think that is ok with the Constitution, and wouldn't that be fun! The Republicans would rejoice at first, but maybe the country is ready to attone for the shabby treatment they gave Bill for a personal weakness.
John from Phoenix

7:49 PM  
Blogger Tom Blake said...

Rove is so devious that he might not only use reverse psychology, but also reverse reverse psychology. In reality, his is only one opinion and it comes from a proven dishonest source, so his statements should be ignored.

Every candidate, Democrat and Republican, has perceived weaknesses. We all seem to be using a process of elimination to predict the likely winner. Factor in our personal ideology, prejudices and aspirations and we arrive at our conclusion of who will win and who we would like to win, ideally both being the same person. Personally, I start with ideology, meaning I want a Democrat. Then I move to which Democrat has the best chance of winning, since I am not enough of a gambler to want to risk winning by running a personally preferred candidate with lower voter appeal. Finally, I consider what the person might be able to accomplish if elected. Hillary, Barach and John Edwards are the only viable contenders, and Edwards is getting marginalized.

Fair or not, here are the perceived weaknesses of the top three:
Hillary - A Clinton, a woman and an experienced inside calculator.
Barach - Black, naive on foreign policy, uncertainty of who the powers are that back him.
Edwards - No political power to get things done, another white man from the South, a personal injury lawyer, a devout Baptist.

It is interesting that you, and lots of others, seem to consider Hillary being a Clinton as a detriment, yet still find Bill Clinton appealing. Bill’s monumentally stupid “personal weakness” fueled the “family values” vote for Bush in 2000, and the heralded accomplishments of his administration were more consistent with Republican ideology than Democrat. A Hillary and Bill ticket would not be “fun” and would be even worse than a Hillary-Kerry.

The VP choice is vastly underrated. Consider if Gore-Lieberman had taken office in 2001. Joe might have done some of the same things Cheney did from the VP spot with regard to Iraq, and assuming a Gore 2004 re-election, Joe would be the likely Democrat candidate this time around. Edwards has said he does not want VP, and he is as honest as they come, so he should not be considered.

The ideal ticket in my opinion would be either Hillary -Barach or Barach-Hillary. She is less likely to play second fiddle and she has the inside track, so right now, I’d go for a Hillary-Barach ticket. This would allow us to simultaneously get over the gender and racial hurdles, give us a highly qualified President and groom Barach as successor.

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine Hillary accepting a VP nomination. What a demotion: from First Lady to VP!
John from Phoenix

9:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any comment on both Rove and Gonzalez getting the boot?
John from Phoenix

4:56 PM  
Blogger Tom Blake said...

Whether either got the boot from George or not is not clear. I think their departures are more a matter of realization the Bush administration agenda is now dead for the balance of his term and there is nothing Rove and Gonzales can do to help by hanging around longer where they just continue to draw more heat on Bush. A short comment on Alberto is almost ready to post.

8:18 PM  

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