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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Sue the Bastard!

Among the many lies Trump tells is that he never settles lawsuits because that only encourages more suits. In truth he has settled many of the thousands of lawsuits in which he has been involved. A nasty litigant like Trump with perceived deep pockets and a stable of lawyers on call can refuse to pay his legitimate debts and force people to sue him, then drag it out and starve the other party into agreeing to pennies on the dollar. One drawback for Trump is that the other party to the suit can take a recorded deposition of Trump and if Trump is unable to get the deposition sealed, then his incriminating testimony under cross examination can legitimately harm his image.

Now that he has unexpectedly, even to him, been elected President, his image has suddenly become important to everyone, even those who could care less about him before. That is why he settled the Trump University fraud case that was coming to trial this month.  So now it is time for those with viable claims against Trump to rush to the nearest courthouse and file suit and proceed with as much haste as possible. I would not be surprised if there are numerous attorneys who would be delighted to handle such suits. Trump has every reason to settle such suits in his own self-interest, even as he claims as he did in the Trump University fraud case that he is putting the interests of the American people first.

Efforts by Trump to use the Presidency as an excuse to have the cases put on hold will run into the US Supreme Court Ruling in the Paula Jones case against Bill Clinton which said such suits can proceed. Ironically one of the lawyers dogging Bill Clinton in that case is reported to be the husband of Kellyanne Conway, the last campaign manager for Trump.


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