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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bush in Bellevue

No, not the psychiatric hospital in New York, though a visit there for evaluation would be interesting. Bush flew into Sea-Tac Airport then motorcaded up I-405 to Bellevue, the Seattle suburb, for a quick fund raiser for his local stooge, Congressman Reichert. Air Force One and the costly entourage popped in for a couple hours, with local taxpayers incurring further costs for Presidential security, including 200 officers to block the freeway ramps.

Bush is so unpopular and so intent on immunity from criticism that much of his security protection is actually designed to protect him from having to see any protestors. Wherever Bush goes, huge areas of insulation are maintained for lengthy periods of time. With typical Republican insensitivity for the average citizen, the event was scheduled during the afternoon commute and I-405 was totally closed for two forty-five minute blocks of time. The dinner could have been held at one of the many available locations near Sea-Tac airport, or at a time outside the commute hours, but the Republican attitude about what stalled commuters should do seems to echo Marie Antoinette - “let them eat cake”.

The Bellevue event was a $1,000 per plate dinner attended by 300 Republican fat cats, 20 of whom paid an additional $10,000 to have a personal picture taken with Bush [there’s 20 more candidates for psychiatric evaluation]. Reichert decided a quick half a million was worth it, even though his smiling picture with Bush was effectively used against him last time around.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bush came to Phoenix a few months back. I can't remember exactly when, but it was cool so it was long before the summer exodus from the city. He chose to tie up the morning rush hour traffic on that visit. Morning rush hour in Phoenix and afternoon rush hour in Seattle. That's proof that Bush is an extremist. No middle ground for that boy.

John from Phoenix

7:59 PM  

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